“Nothing but excuses”

30. September 2017
Autorin: Margo T. Oge
Illustration (portrait): Uli Knörzer

Margo T. Oge on the positive effect of regulations.

Margo T. Oge, born in 1949, is a member of Volkswagen’s Sustainability Council. She previously served as Director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Ms. Oge, thrifty fleet customers are already pushing truck manufacturers to increase efficiency – why do you call for regulation?

Trucks are responsible for one-third of CO2 emissions from transportation and history shows that market forces are not enough. So the leaders have found a way to turn regulation into a competitive advantage. Tom Linebarger, CEO of Cummins, is quoted in my book speaking to this point: Meeting EPA emissions standards in the US has helped us innovate and be ahead of the competition, and grow overseas markets.”*

The European market for commercial vehicles is complicated. There are many different types of trucks and different companies involved in the final product.

Nothing but excuses. Why should solutions that work in the US, China and Japan not work in Europe? The manufacturers have also long opposed standards for passenger cars. I believe that regulations have been a key factor in the revolution we see today in the automotive sector.

* Cummins ist ein US-Hersteller von Motoren und Generatoren. Zitiert in: Oge, Margo. „Driving the Future: Combating Climate Change with Clean, Smart Vehicles,“ 2015, New York, NY: Arcade Press.

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